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MLP:FiM-Realm of Darkness Ch.2
MLP:FiM-Realm of Darkness
A fanfic by Lonewolf32097
Chapter 2
Tartarus Theme
"Welcome to Tartarus.", Bardoul happily showing the rescue team of Twi, Rarity, Dash, Shining and Starlight a brand new realm of darkness before their eyes. The ponies could not believe what they were seeing. Pits of lava and geysers of fire were spewing from afar across the rocky terrain, a dark red sky looming above covered by black and grey smoke.
"I never thought that Tartarus could be so....dark. At least not by the stories and tales that princess Celestia told me back then.", Twilight still in awe of the dark red atmosphere around them, yet felt somewhere......scared inside.
"The air feels.....weird. Like I'm being choked from all around. And my wings feel slower. Like I have to flap faster and harder just to keep in the air.", RD anxiously thinking whilst struggling to keep herself afloat.
"What....what is this feeling I'm getting?", Rarity feeling overw
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MLP:FiM-Realm of Darkness
MLP:FiM-Realm of Darkness
A fanfic by Lonewolf32097
Warning to readers before viewing: This will be a dark-themed story. May contain acts of violence, harsh language, and other sensitive material. However, keep in mind, this is only fiction, therefore non-canon and won't have anything to do with the actual show itself.
Continue at your own risk.
Intro and Chapter 1
Intro Music 
Intro: In the bowels of a world surrounded by absolute darkness and hopelessness, a faint vision appears from within. The sounds of battle and explosions are heard from within a small town somewhere unseen. Debris and rubble litter the landscape as two sentient figures are seen in the distance: One, a small, purple winged horse. The other, a massive, two-horned beast, both wielding incredible, deadly power hammering away at one another across the landscape, carving destruction everywhere. At last, the purple horse and the beast seemed to be at a stalemate be
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Independence Day Resurgence: The Aftermath
As Earth reels in the immense destruction caused by the alien invaders for a second time after the War of  '96 twenty years ago, the deaths of thousands of civilian lives, including former presidents Whitmore and Langford, and the men and women of the Earth Space Defense who fought off the attackers, mankind has found a new way to engage the invaders. With more advanced technological schematics provided by the unknown, yet seemingly friendly sphere which Dr.Okun interacted with during the siege, has given mankind the knowledge to implement possible space travel. But how long will it be until mankind develops such technology, let alone use this to find the alien homeworld? Only time will answer that question. Until then, the ESD has a long journey ahead of them.
Inside the hangar of Area 51, the remaining ESD crew begin to salvage the wreckage of the alien debris and collect samples of the queen for further study and development. Director David Levinson and newly sworn in President
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ID Resurgence OC Template
by Lonewolf32097
Introduction of character
Name:First/Last(Middle Name optional)
(Country from which your character[s]originated)
Character Appearance
(Describe his/her physical features specifically[such as freckles, moles, scars, birthmarks, whatever...])
(Describe your characters' personality as much and specifically as you can. Their attitude, morals, beliefs, etc, etc.)

Character Relations
(How do people view your character in general)

Love Interest(s):

(First and Last name of Love Interest[s], and how they feel about that person, canon or OC, explain their relat
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Bleach OC: Keitaro Arto
Introduction of Character
Name: Keitaro Arto
Gender: Male
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual
Nickname(s): N/A
Alias(es): Ghost Hunter
Date of Birth: May 26 1996
Date of Death:N/A
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: N/A
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander
Blood Type:OA+
Occupation: Part-time employee at Ikumi's[Human], Soul Reaper[Latter]
Squad: None
Seat: None
Affiliation(s):Substitute Soul Reapers
The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:

Keitaro has light colored brown skin, has hair similar to Mizurio, black hair color, hazel-colored eyes, slight medium-size eyebrows, small-refined nose, small lips, a small soul patch between the lips and beard, no beard hair/sideburns, earlobes slightly hanging.
In human form, he wears a short-sleeve black torso shirt with red and white horizontal stripes with a t
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End of the Line
As he sat there among the rowdy commotion of the people around him, sipping on a cold hard beverage as armored soldiers scour the stars of what remains of a former organization to help prolong a once known peace government, a sudden, quiet jolt began to creep up on him. He felt as though something was looming over his shoulder, slowly making its way toward his very soul.
As those who remain to be slaughtered still try to hide their presence from the absolute tyrant who combs the galaxy for them, the man sipping his drink began to wonder, what was this? It felt cold, helpless, and it was dying. He can't seem to help it, but something was happening....somewhere far beyond his reach.
Setting aside his mug back onto the table, he began to close his eyes, as though in a meditative state, concentrating his focus to the darkness that was inching toward his soul. It began to make sounds.....sounds of a battle that has been foretold, and yet so far away.
He began to see things.....a planet.....
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Piggyback Ride by Lonewolf32097 Piggyback Ride :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 1 0 Sith Encounter by Lonewolf32097 Sith Encounter :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 0 0 Sword WIP's by Lonewolf32097 Sword WIP's :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 0 0 Turbulence by Lonewolf32097 Turbulence :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 0 0 Blizzard by Lonewolf32097 Blizzard :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 0 0 Inferno by Lonewolf32097 Inferno :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 0 0 Swift Brand by Lonewolf32097 Swift Brand :iconlonewolf32097:Lonewolf32097 1 0
EBF OC: Steven
*Name: Steven

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Nickname(s): Steve, Stevie, Steve-O
Alias(es):  L*new*lf32097
*Class: Swordsman
*Place of Residence: Goldenbrick Resort(EBF4)

Occupation: Adventurer
Appearance and Personality
Please be descriptive of your character as much as you can
(Ex. Skin color, Hair Color, Eyes, Freckles, and so on)
His skin color is light to medium brown, with a mustache and a slight peach fuzzy beard, medium-refined nose, a low-cut afro hairstyle, and slightly skinny. He wears casual wardrobes and no hat(s), and wears a timex wristwatch on his right wrist, which includes headings and carries various modes. He wears sneakers when inland, but sometimes uses flip-flops when on the beach or the seaside.

5ft, 9in. tall

Steven is at times, a very nice and sociable person to be around.
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Epic Battle Fantasy OC Template
Epic Battle Fantasy OC Template
Introduction: This is a design template specifically made for the game Epic Battle Fantasy.
If you plan to use a character from a tv show, movie, or elsewhere, please put down where they're based off.
If you have an NPC you'd like to use as an OC, be sure to put a link to your NPC, most notably from NPC Creator.
*=required or must fill in blank.

Gender: Male or Female
*Class: Swordsman, Wizard, Gunslinger, Archer, etc.
*Place of Residence: Name the place where your character appears(ex. Kitten Kingdom, The Town, Goldenbrick Resort, etc.)

What is your character's occupation in EBF?(ex. Chef, Trainer, V*ner, P*kem*n Master)

Appearance and Personality
Please be descriptive of your character as much as you can
(Ex. Skin color, Hair Color, Eyes, Freckles,
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Bleach vs. EBF: Ch.4 No Holds Barred
Now, with the stars and the moon's shining light reigning down on the arena where Matt and Ichigo battle, they charge at each other without giving a second thought as to the time frame. A few hours have passed since their initial clash, and so fatigue began sinking into both of them, but both kept on fighting. Their swords not losing a single chip from their blades, as they clash against one another, releasing more powerful shockwaves each time.
"So, he's able to jump from one place to another in a flash, huh?", Matt thinks inside of his head, trying to catch his breath as he wields a fire sword called Inferno. "Well I've got a few tricks up ma sleeve, too."
"C'mon, don't tell me that's all you've got?", Ichigo interrupts him, trying to drop his guard. "Because if this is, I might as well just end this now."
He disappears from Matt's sight, then comes up behind him and lands a blow, tearing through his jacket and pushing him back, then swings from underneath him, but Matt blocks it and
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Luna + Celestia Sexy Lingerie by TwistedScarlett60
Mature content
Luna + Celestia Sexy Lingerie :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 160 12
Elsa by Shablagooo
Mature content
Elsa :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 575 37
Daybreaker vs Nightmare moon by Vector-Brony Daybreaker vs Nightmare moon :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 501 53 starlight glimmer, by sumin6301 starlight glimmer, :iconsumin6301:sumin6301 281 28 A true daughter of Aku by Raikoh-illust A true daughter of Aku :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 186 14 Princess Cadance Babysitting by TwistedScarlett60
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Princess Cadance Babysitting :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 185 19
Peek on Rarity! by FenRox Peek on Rarity! :iconfenrox:FenRox 720 107 Pinkie Pie's Daily Routine! by FenRox Pinkie Pie's Daily Routine! :iconfenrox:FenRox 498 102 Princess Celestia by FenRox
Mature content
Princess Celestia :iconfenrox:FenRox 568 109
Princess Cadance by FenRox
Mature content
Princess Cadance :iconfenrox:FenRox 626 93
Strip58 by 365erotic
Mature content
Strip58 :icon365erotic:365erotic 87 2
Princess Rosalina Presenting by TwistedScarlett60
Mature content
Princess Rosalina Presenting :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 192 9
Erza on the bed by Shablagooo
Mature content
Erza on the bed :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 894 78
Nerdy, sexy, Twi by ShutterflyEQD
Mature content
Nerdy, sexy, Twi :iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 182 137
sunset by Ta-Na sunset :iconta-na:Ta-Na 583 18 Truth Is Truth, And Lies Will Be Lies by BoopDiBoop Truth Is Truth, And Lies Will Be Lies :iconboopdiboop:BoopDiBoop 20 0



When someone asks an artist(who puts out both requests and commissions) for a drawing, and the artist asks a dumb question that knows the answer to,regarding your previous question, that is in no way the customers fault.
I haven't really got much going on for this year. But there are some things I do hope to get through and back on.

Planning to finish the final chapter of my MLP fic Realm of Darkness soon.

Some more Star Wars stories with my OC Marcus and co. I also would like to maybe do a story collaboration with lordhadrian and some others if they're interested.

I might also be looking into doing some ID4 fics as well, despite the horrid waste of a movie the sequel turned out to be.

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, also do some story developing w/my Bleach OC as well, but that's on hold until I can get a good drawing commission of him.

That's it so far, but I might think up of other things for the year.


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United States
Hellos to all. I'm just a simple, average person just trying to make his way through life,, that's all. However, I do like to look at a lot of art from a variety of shows, movies, games, etc. that everyone has either seen, are seeing, or haven't seen but still like it.

I'm out in Lancaster, CA, and it's a bit boring, but okay overall, though it does get hot like a desert's supposed to be.

Also, I do like to read fanfic's based of of games, movies, ya get it. And I do like shipping or what's it called between characters(Actuals, OC's, etc.)


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